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JUMUISHA ORGANIZATION (JO) aims at to advocate and contribute on the assurance of safe environment/infrastructures for People with Disabilities and to create an enabling environment for inclusive society that is free from gender-bias, specifically addressing the special needs of People with Disabilities.

About Us


JUMUISHA ORGANIZATION (JO) is a non-profit organization of people with disabilities in Tanzania, Since our establishment at the end of year 2020 (on 20th October), We have introduced a local community empowerment principles so as to assert rights in seeking social justice. The growth of the organization and the current needs has resulted in a need to personalize the way of planning, monitoring, learning and evaluation (PML&E), particularly where it comes to collecting information about results and effects.


JUMUISHA ORGANIZATION visions a community of PWDs living an independent life and able to exercise their full rights in the United Republic of Tanzania


To enhance independent mechanisms to promote, protect and monitor implementation of convention on the Rights of people with Disabilities in Tanzania.

Core Values

JO shall be guided by the following core values :
  • Integrity and ethical behavior
  • Professionalism and expertism
  • Social responsibility
  • Critical inquiry and open-minded
  • Public accountability

Our Preamble

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) Ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of persons with Disability (CRPD) OF 2006 in 2008 went on to domesticate parts of this treaty (CRPD) through the persons with disabilities Act of 2010 on part of mainland. Despite this achievement on promotion and protection of disability Rights in Tanzania, majority of persons with disability (PWDS) still face myriad of challenges, Assaults, killings, denial of social-economic and political opportunities and generally discrimination against them continue to happen. Numerous stakeholders, especially the disabled persons organizations (DPOs) have therefore been in the forefront to advocate for among other things, presence of pro-disability policies plans and practices as party of the national laws on disability.


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Office Location

Eco- Residence Building, Floor No.2, Plot 67. Wakulima/Ngao street, Hananasifu Kinondoni Dar-es-salaam Tanzania.
P. O. BOX 3102.